Since 1958 our mission is enduring reliability and quality, which are the result of dynamic research and development, together with an unmatched customer service, the added value on which SCHIAVI has built its company history. Continuous training, prompt pre and after sale responsiveness, technological know-how and expertise in design allow SCHIAVI to uphold the tradition of “Made in Italy” excellence around the world. SCHIAVI’s capabilities in designing and adapting its products to the specific needs of the market, whether through integrated or customized solutions, are the keys that allow SCHIAVI to provide its customers not only with the performance they seek but also a genuine competitive edge that its customers can “deploy” to their target market.


The key feature of SCHIAVI press brakes is to produce simple shapes or complex geometrical structures with the same degree of accuracy. Every model of SSCHIVI press brakes has developed a suitable system for parallel plate bending, an essential feature to guarantee a constant bending angle without the need of any additional crowning systems.



COMPOUND LOWER BEAM While keeping the traditional layout of the side-mounted cylinders, which move the upper beam, the lower beam allows to automatically correct and cancel the deformation of the beams; hence assuring their parallelism. The distance between the upper and lower tools is constant along the entire length, and does not change during the bending process, assuring high quality results. Therefore, the penetration of the punch into the die remains constant over the entire length of the bend ensuring a final result of excellent quality.

THE ACCURATE BEAM CENTERING The descent of the upper beam is guided by a set of bearings that slide on steel guides integral with the sides of the machine; this solution allows to maintain a constant centering and alignment of the tables and thus ensuring the necessary precision for a good bending result.

ELECTRONIC SERVO The electronic control panel allows you to determine, store and control parameters necessary for the realization of the fold.

EXCLUSIVE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM CORNER Schiavi has patented and produced a revolutionary electric-pneumatic measuring angle, a reliable product over time and can guarantee a fast return on investment. The advantages: bending times extremely reduced, folds on different materials, bends repeated, execution of the measurement of angle and without release of the elastic return of the sheet against between “V” and the matrix, possibility to use matrices with quarries “V” extremely reduced, no external dimensions to the array, the cost of production optimal.

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