TASK84 since 1984 is engaged in the production of automation systems for industrial machines. Our Division CNC Control, with over 30 years of experience and 10,000 units sold, helps to meet all automation needs of press brakes. Schiavi has, in fact, a wide range of the latest generation CNC, all equipped with devices necessary to the handling of rear registers. electronic and computer skills at the service of automation systems of Schiavi press brakes .


ATLAS is a multi-axis chart numerical control with a modern ergonomic design. And the combined result of 20 years of hardware experience and software accumulated from Task84 industry programming Press Brake. The modern style of homes will increase your outlook, compact size allow you to use the ATLAS CNC control where space and weight are important. The exceptional monitor 21.5-inch high-resolution LCD with an advanced touch-screen function, promotes a ‘simple graphical interface and user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). With painstaking graphics and 3D features advanced ATLAS is a real onboard machine CAM. In fact, the creation of tools and 2D / 3D parts, the import of 3D parts CADCAM, simulation and visualization in real time 2D / 3D of all phases of folding, are just some of the new and outstanding features. ATLAS is a control easy to use, built in a new modular solution, we can meet the needs of users who want to implement their customized solutions.



TITANO is a numerically controlled multi-axis chart that incorporates an ergonomic cabinet, the Italian design, high-tech devices that support the prestigious performance exclusive real time software. It brings together the most precious fruits of thirty years of accrued experience hardware and software Task84 in the field of machine control at-benders. The operator interface is simple and intuitive, is further enhanced by the high-resolution LCD display with touch screen device. Another important prerogative of TITANO is the presence of a production management system, real innovation in the world of numeric control for press-bending machines. With painstaking graphics and advanced 3D capabilities, make TITANO a real onboard machine CAM. graphic design tool and 2D / 3D parts, import of 3D parts designed with CAD-CAM, simulation and 2D and 3D playback in real time of the various bending phases, are only some of the available basic performances. Moreover, the presence of a Tool-Navigator supports the operator in machine tooling operations while specific software functions, guiding the automatic search of the best bend sequence.



SK12 is a numerical graphic color multi-axis control that incorporates an attractive cabinet, high-tech devices that support the prestigious performance exclusive real time software. This numerical control is the optimal solution for the management of a bending synchronized to 4 axes. The operator interface is simple and intuitive, is further enhanced by the high-resolution LCD display with touch screen device. SK12 is a compact numerical control which allows the operator to work quickly and efficiently thanks to a simple and intuitive programming. The software that governs SK12 is the summary of all the most proven and award-winning functionality designed by us, as the net 2D simulation of the bending steps, the cost calculation of sheet metal development and the graphical representation of the various bending operations. As a storage unit is arranged the USB interface and is also the network card. SK12 is the reference point for those looking for the best performance for bending presses up to 4 axes. You can use our software offline Bending System, available as an option, prepare programs in 3D and then import them on the CNC in order to view the bend sequence in 3D format. Another important prerogative of the SK12 is the presence of a production management system, real innovation in the world of numeric control for press-bending machines.


The Bending System is a comprehensive suite that addresses and solves all of the folding management issues . Configure and draws with import functionality of popular CAD standards ( DXF , IGES , STEP ) . It simulates in three dimensions and allows for manual or automatic search of the bending sequence for the presses to robotic . Manages the production proposing a detailed estimate of the processing time and providing control and monitoring tools useful to the production , for example , reports and statistics on the workload of the various stations . Create new plants and tools starting from the DXF drawings of the profiles and stores the programs and tools from CNC , dividing them into archives and volumes.


  • CONVERTER BRUSHLESS MOTOR INTEGRATED IN : ALL IN ONE . EMBLAX is a compact solution that integrates ” all in one” modern vector converter in a brushless servomotor. The integration engine – drive , in diverse applications , represents a winning solution both in terms of cost reduction in terms of simple wiring . The ability to work as positioner autonomously or as a classic drive , driven by torque external references or speed , make it suitable for many applications . The control and parameterization are possible either by RS232 serial line from CANbus . Easy and immediate diagnosis and PC parameterization is guaranteed by the MONITOR program Task84 which provides a useful 4-channel oscilloscope function for real-time monitoring .
  • DISTRIBUTED CONTROL FOR STEPPING MOTORS : WINNING COMBINATION . MICROAX is a compact vector drive for the control of stepper motors with encoder feedback . The closed loop control of the motor with field orientation finally allows to combine the advantages , in terms of robustness and low cost , the stepper motors to the advantages of a brushless system closed loop :

    • immunity footsteps loss

    • independence from the motor resonant frequencies

    • best possible dynamic performance

    • ample reserves of torque under overload conditions

    • torque limitation on a collision conditions

    • movement also adjust at very low speed

    • Position control with minimum current

    • drastic reduction of the total power of the power system

    Totally controllable and configurable via CANbus line and PC via serial interface . The CAN interface and small size make it suitable for a distributed type control with mounting near the engine and a consequent drastic reduction of the wiring and the use of special cables

  •  COMPACT MODULE: FOR EASY INSTALLATION. CRC2 is a compact module able to manage and interface the entire automation of a machine pressopiegatrice to 4 or more axes (each module handles up to 4 axes). Capable of driving, as well as hydraulic axes, any type of driver (stepper, brushless, ac / dc, inverters …) for the positioning of the rear stops. It ‘has outputs for the control of the pressure valves, camber and a PLC logic with a high number of static inputs / outputs. The expandability of the system in addition to the 4 axis is possible by using several modules. CRC2, plus the advantages of a remote, modular system offers the security of an autonomous system with respect to the CNC without renouncing comprehensive online monitoring for surveillance and optimized cycle. Fully configurable and upgradeable CNC bus via CAN BUS field or via PC via RS232. Accurate diagnostics software enables fast installation and commissioning up of the machine.

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