ATLAS is a multi-axis graphic numerical control featuring a modern, ergonomic design. It is the culmination of over 20 years of hardware and software experience accumulated by Task84 in the brake press programming industry. The modern style and compact size of ATLAS NC control make it possible to use even in small spaces. Its simple, user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) is displayed on an exceptional 21.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen with an advanced touch-screen, accurate graphics and innovative 3D functionality. ATLAS is a real on-board CAM machine: the graphic creation of 2D/3D tools and parts, the import of 3D parts from CADCAM, and its simulation and real-time 2D/3D display of all bending phases are just some of its many standard features.
While ATLAS is an absolutely innovative system, it remains an easy-to-use numerical control.
Built in a new modular solution, it is able to meet the needs of users wishing to implement their own customised solution.


As an option, Atlas can be supplied in its Pro version with double monitor.
The upper monitor displays an interactive guide for the operator through all the bending steps: profile checks, tooling set-up, bending sequence steps. The lower monitor is used by the operator to program the machine. 

Atlas Pro guides the operator during every step of the bending cycle, minimising time and errors.