HFBX press brake

Schiavi HFBx press brakes represent the most versatile model in automated bending processes. High performance: approach and return speed up to 250 mm/s.

Complete flexibility: I’ts extremely high performance is characterised by a large stroke (500 mm) and span of 800mm(up to 1000 mm upon request). The wide span between the tables makes the production of large-sized boxed sections possible while maintaining a high processing speed. The HFBx has been designed to facilitate the withdrawal and removal of complex profile parts and is particularly suitable for robotic solutions.


Modular lower table

The internationally patented lower modular table maintains the traditional concept of side cylinders which move the upper table, allowing for automatic correction and compensation of table deformations, ensuring its parallelism. The distance between the tools remains constant during bending along the entire bending length, guaranteeing excellent quality results.

Precise and “gooseneck” centering

The upper table is carried by 4 pairs of bearings that slide on hardened, rectified steel guides that are integrated with the machine sides. Table centring and alignment is guaranteed by the large distance between the upper and lower bearings. Through the innovative use of an additional “Gooseneck,” it is possible to accurately measure the distance between the tables, regardless of the structural deflection typical of the bending process.

Standard 8 axes

The HFBx range is equipped with a rear mechanism (X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) as standard to give the operator maximum flexibility. X4 X5 strikers or a rear turret mechanism are available as options.



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