Task Dynamic develops and manufactures standard and customized automation systems for bending cells and laser machines of all formats in order to meet all customer production requirements. From simple loading/unloading systems to complex custom automation, Task Dynamic develops the ideal automation for every production. 


Task Dynamic offers a variety of advanced controls for managing various machine functions. The offering includes both simple controls, which allow for the determination, storage and control of the parameters required to perform the bending task, and more sophisticated control panels, with advanced graphical interface and bending simulation. 

This plant has the task of storing packs of metal sheets with maximum dimensions of 3000×1500 mm, arranged on pallets managed automatically by the CNC or manually by the operator. An elevator arranged centrally between the two towers moves the pallets toward the shuttle and onto the loading-unloading bay.

A system of mobile struts stacks the metal sheets onto packs, without a pallet, to take full advantage of the usable height available on the site where the plant is installed.


The Server Compact is a system used to load/unload metal sheets from the “Pallet-Change” tables of 2D laser machines in 3000×1500 format.

Its main feature is it’s compactness, with reduced overall dimensions and quick installation. It can be shipped assembled and tested, which brings an additional value to the machine.


The system implements an automatic processing cell to cut flat metal sheets, integrating an automatic load/unload system to the laser machine with no need for human supervision.


ATLAS is Task’s latest numerical control, which combines over 35 years of software experience

The main features are:

• 2D-3D programming

• upload 3D file step or iges

• automatic tool search

• automatic bending sequence calculation

• industry 4.0 compliant

• connection with in-house software

• connection with ERP system


BENDING SYSTEM is the Schiavi Macchine most advanced office software, powerful and user-friendly. It rapidly generates the bending sequence, configuration of the tools, the bending program and the correct development of the part (useful for the cutting process). It can all be sent to production via company server. Bending System, with its A.R.S. application is able to simulate the position of the gripper for the robot.

A.R.S. is proprietary software for the simulation and programming of robotic islands that can calculate the correct trajectories to allow robots to complete component loading, bending and unloading processes.


CRC3 is the device to manage all the necessary activities to control the bending press devices in real time. CRC3 communicates with the numeric control and enables piloting of all the bending press axes.

EMBLAX is a compact solution that integrates motor and drives in a single product, reducing overall dimensions, costs and simplifying the wiring. Setting the EMBLAX parameters is easy and immediate: diagnotics via PC is ensured by a monitoring program that has a very useful oscilloscope function in real time.

PLC and drives

The Schiavi Macchine automatic tool changer in versions TXP and TXP2 is the 4.0 system that ensures a total automation of tooling time. The TXP system, perfectly integrated with the Schiavi software, allows the operator to receive bending programs from the office, carry out fast and precise tooling in automatic mode. With TXP machine down times caused by the normal machine set-up are drastically reduced. TXP automatically manages the rotation of the punches and uses standard tools.

With TXP2 it is possible to serve two press brakes with a single stock, highly optimizing costs and space.

Txp e txp2